On 24.01.2020 the "Deutschlandstipendium" of the technical University were handed over to more than 800 scholarship holders in a festive ceremony at the Garching campus.

TUM Management Alumni e.V. is proud to support five scholarship holders of the TUM School of Management with the "Deutschlandstipendium". They will now receive a total of 300 € per month (150 € from the private sponsor, the alumni association, and 150 € from the federal government) to enable them to complete their studies at TUM with less worries about money. For example, the financial injection can replace a part-time job and thus give students more time to focus on their studies. The special thing about awarding the scholarships at TUM is the motto "achievement is diverse". The "Deutschlandstipendium", like most scholarships, is also awarded on the basis of achievement. But thhe concept of achievement is not limited to grades. For example, an immigrant background, studies with a child or social commitment are also regarded as achievements that should be rewarded.
The TUM Management Alumni e.V. is proud of its 5 scholarship holders who have truly earned the support of the scholarship. The association is looking forward to an eventful year of support with its new scholarship holders - who will also give something back directly to the alumni association through their involvement in association matters.

If you would like to support us for any part of your membership fee for future scholarships, you can do so via our donations page. Many thanks.

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